Numerical Simulation of 3-D Cavitation behind a Disk Cavitator Using OpenFOAM

Ehsan Roohi

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 1-8

  In this paper simulation of cavitating flow over a disk cavitator is reported using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. To apply the cavitation model, the flow has been considered as a single fluid, two-phase mixture. A transport equation model for the local volume fraction of vapor is solved ...  Read More

Dynamic stiffness matrix for analysis of modal properties the damaged composite wing

Shahrokh Shams; َA.R. Torabi; Mahdi Fathi Narab

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 9-13

  In this paper, damage in composite wings is introduced, firstly, then using Euler- Bernoulli equations with including flexural and torsional coupling, governing equations on cantilevered composite wing is derived. By applying separation method damaged beam is converted to two interconnected intact beams ...  Read More

Position Based Impedance Control on Space Docking

Amirreza Kosari; Javad Bahremandjouy

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 14-21

  In this paper, a Force Control Solution on Space Docking is proposed providing low impact and safe connection between space modules in different missions. In this solution, the force control concept has been employed along with traditional position control in space docking process  because the interaction ...  Read More

A Heuristic Approach for 3D-Optimization of 3-Stage Gear Train Using PSO

Mehrdad Hoseiniasl; Javad Jafari Fesharaki

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 22-30

  Optimization the volume/weight of the gear train is more important for industries and researchers. In this paper using particle swarm optimization algorithm a general gear train is optimized. The main idea is to optimum the volume/weight of the gearbox in 3 directions. So, the optimization process based ...  Read More

Modification in Calibration of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Due to Compensation of Inherent Error in Fixture Manufacturing

A. Abdoli; Seyed Hossein Taghavi

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 31-37

   It is always easier to measure the deviation of a product from its design commitments, in comparison to making it identical to plan obligations. In this paper, this simple fact is utilized to compensate the inherent error of fixture fabrication by a mathematical modeling of possible sources of ...  Read More

Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Controller for a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

I. Khabbazi; Vahid Behnamgol

Volume 11.1, Issue 1 , June 2018, Pages 37-45

  This paper presents robust nonlinear control law for a quadrotor UAV using fast terminal sliding mode control. Fast terminal sliding mode idea is used for introducing a nonlinear sliding variable that guarantees the finite time convergence in sliding phase. Then in reaching phase for removing chattering ...  Read More