The Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology, is published quarterly with the aim of publishing the latest scientific achievements of researchers in universities and scientific institutes in the field of Aerospace Science and  Engineering  as well as related sciences. In order to submit an article to this journal, authors need to consider the following:

Journal Scope:

  • erodynamics and Fluid Mechanics,
  • Thermodynamics and Propulsion,
  • Combustion and Heat transfer,
  • Dynamics and Control,
  • Flight Mechanics,
  • Design,
  • Structures and Vibration,
  • Aviation management, etc.


Article types

  • Complete research articles
  • Review Paper
  • Technical paper


Terms and conditions for manuscript submission:

  • In order to facilitate the process of reviewing and publishing articles, it is necessary for researchers who want to publish their scientific articles in this journal, to pay attention to the following points, otherwise the article will not be subjected to review and evaluation and also the paper will just once be returned to the author for structural revisions.
  • Article submission is only possible through the website of Journal of Aerospace Science and Technology, and the publication refuses the acceptance of any articles manually or by e-mail. Website address:
  •  Articles submitted to this journal for review and publication, must not have previously been published in other domestic and foreign journals or submitted to other domestic or foreign journals for review at the same time.
  •  The publication is free to reject, accept and edit the article.
  • In articles that are taken from a master's or doctoral dissertation, the names of supervisors and advisors should be mentioned in the paper.
  • The sender of the article must be the responsible author of the article and all the necessary correspondences and follow-ups regarding the article will be done with the responsible author, obviously any other correspondences other than the responsible author's, will be disregarded.
  •  The responsible author is responsible for the accuracy of the content.
  • The order of the authors' names is based on the order in which the author's information is registered during the article's submission on the journal website. The responsible author must enter the names of all authors correctly and completely on the publication site.
  •  In order to speed up the process of evaluating articles, it is necessary for the authors to fully comply with the items mentioned in the Guide for Authors.
  • After acceptance, the article will be placed in the print queue (list of articles inpress).
  • Informing the responsible author is done through the publication site and e-mail (the responsible author is required to refer to both for information and follow-up).
  •  In case of cancellation of the article's review process, the responsible author is required to send his/her withdrawal request through the publication site (request to withdraw the article), the cancellation letter must be signed by all authors and then sent as a PDF file.
  •  Completion and submission of the commitment form, conflict of interest and the authors information is mandatory (refer to the Journal Forms to receive the forms).
  •  Submitted articles must be prepared in accordance with the article writing guide, otherwise the article will be returned to the author and will not be included in the evaluation process.