About Journal

It is my pleasure to introduce this new journal in aerospace science and technology. As we understand, there is little or no forum in this field with an international scope in the region of central and west Asia, and therefore we strongly believe that it will make it possible in the region and in the whole world for better communication among scientists and researchers in aeronautical and astronautical sciences and technologies, and also in all related fields as aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and propulsion, combustion and heat transfer, dynamics and control, flight mechanics, design, structures and vibration, aviation management, etc.

There has been a very rapid development in this field in the region during the last two decades. These development are best demonstrated by design and production of a vast spectrum of aerial and spatial vehicles. Nevertheless, the exchange of ideas and the cooperation among different agencies and institutes in the region and with the whole world is be no means in an acceptable level. We believe that better understanding of research activities in different countries ha several fruitful results, to name a few , one should address the possibility of joint research activities, better exchange of ideas, and the overall faster development rate in the field of aerospace science and technology