Trajectory Optimization for a Multistage Launch Vehicle Using Nonlinear Programming

Abolqasem Naghash

Volume 2, Issue 3 , September 2005, Pages 9-18

  This work is an example of application of nonlinear programming to a problem of three-dimensional trajectory optimization for multistage launch vehicles for geostationary orbit missions. The main objective is to minimize fuel consumption or equivalently to maximize the payload. The launch vehicle considered ...  Read More

Stability Analysis of Laminated Cylindrical Shells under Combined Axial Compression and Non-Uniform External Pressure

Mohammad Zaman Kabir

Volume 2, Issue 3 , September 2005, Pages 19-27

  This study investigates geometrical non-linear analysis of composite circular cylindrical shells under external pressure over part of their surfaces and also shells subjected to combined axial compression and triangular external pressure. Donnell non-linear shell theory along with first order shear deformation ...  Read More

A Centennial Review of Sub-sonic Transport Aircraft
Volume 2, Issue 3 , September 2005, Pages 29-43

  From Wright Brothers 1903 to present day 2003, aeronautical technology has made a profound progress. This paper demonstrates the outcome of this progress in weight, wing area, and engine thrust in three categories of transport aircraft of short to long range, regional jets, and turbo-prop commuter aircraft. ...  Read More