A Parametric Study for Vibration Analysis of Composite Cylindrical Shell Resting under Elastic Foundation: Analytical and Numerical Methods


Composite Materials & Technology Center, Malek-e-Ashtar University of Technology


The aim of this study is to investigatethe effective parameters on vibrations of circular cylindrical shells with fixed rotary speed andresting elastic foundation by means of analytical and finite element numerical simulation. First, the governing equations are derived using the theory of Donnell, considering the centrifugal forces,Coriolis acceleration, and the initial annular tension. Then, the analytical solution for cylindrical shells isintroduced under simply supported conditions. Further, the effect of parameters such as therotational speed of the shell, its lay-up, fiber angle, and the stiffness of the elastic foundation on the values of natural frequency and the critical velocity of the shells are studied. The analytical solution results are in good compatibility with the results achieved from the finite element method.


Article Title [فارسی]

Vibration analysis, Annular cylindrical shells, Donnel theory, Analytical solution, Finite element

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