Department of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology


Spoofing could pose a major threat to Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, so the GPS users have to gain an in-depth understanding of GPS spoofing. Since spoofing attack can influence position results, spoof compensation is possible through reducing position deviations. In this paper, a novel processing technique is proposed and the wavelet transform is used to eliminate the impact of spoofing on the stationary GPS receivers. We assumed that the spoofing attack was immediately detected, and then the position residuals of the last authentic and new spoofing signals were passed to the statistic wavelet transform at the first level. By denoising in the next step, position deviations due to the spoofing attack can be extracted. Then, the estimated position solution of the received signal is corrected. Finally, the receiver coordinates are calculated by averaging the corrected positions. For validation of the suggested algorithm, five different data sets are investigated. We mitigated the spoofing in all data sets more than 93%. The test results show that the proposed technique supremely improves the performance of the GPS receiver and attenuates the spoofing effect.