Islamic Azad University


This article would study batch and recursive methods that used in terrain navigation systems. Terrain navigation has a lot ofdisadvantages and so researchers have been studied on different method of aided navigation for many years. Therefore, more types of aided navigation systems were introduced with advantages and disadvantages in terms of practical and theoretical. One of the main ideas for aided navigation is integration of extended kalman filter and INS[1]. But this integration method has significant weakness in practice that caused to benonsignificant among the aided navigation methods. So in this article, the author introduces more accurate filter (UKF) for integration byINS and other sensors as barometer and radar system. In continue,the use of Aided EKF and UKF navigation schemes would be justified anddeveloping and performing algorithms written for the needed application and simulation results will be presented and compared.Finally, benefit of the proposed methods in this article will be compared with other batch and recursive methods. The most significant of this article is related to its practical application on UAV that was tested in 2010.