Tarbiat Moalem of Sabzevar


In this work, the compound flow control method (passive and active) has been described. EHD actuators as wire-plate (active) and splitter plate (passive) were coupled and applied to control fluid flow and heat transfer around cylinder in cross flow. Investigation consists of the interaction between electric field, fluid flow and temperature field. Experimental tests included various positions of splitter plate and two Re numbers, Re=3500, 7000. EHD actuator was wire-plate. The cylinder and splitter plate were connected to ground and acted as cathode electrodes. Pressure and temperature distributions over the surface of the cylinder have been measured. Results show that two effective corona winds appear in fluid flow around the cylinder. First corona wind is between wires and the cylinder and second one is between wires and splitter plate. Coupled corona winds affected fluid flow and heat transfer. The presence of splitter plate caused decreasing of drag force and increasing of heat transfer. By increasing gap distance, effect of secondary one was reduced and when G=2d, it was found to be negligible.