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Islamic Azad University of Hashtgerd, Alborz , Iran


Inertial navigation amplifies the noise of the input sensors over time due to the presence of an integrator in the output path to determine the position and attitude of the object. This system has high bandwidth and good short-term accuracy. On the other hand, GPS navigation has low bandwidth, low noise processing power, and long-term accuracy. However, it can only determine the position and does not give us information about the object's attitude. Most papers have presented integrated algorithms related to GPS/INS tightly coupled navigation and have provided relatively acceptable results. Nevertheless, the main problem in this integration model is when there is an intentional or stochastical signal interference for GPS, which is not far from the mind in military applications. Therefore, navigation faces a problem. This article provides a solution with a tightly coupled integrated algorithm for high accuracy in integrated navigation.


Main Subjects

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