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Department of Aerospace Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology


Designing and manufacturing turbine engines have many complexities and challenges that need time and cost. Therefore, reputable companies producing gas turbines have always sought to shorten the design and construction processes, one of which is to use the core of aerial gas turbines in industrial gas turbines. This category of industrial gas turbines is called aero-derivative gas turbines. Aerial gas turbines can be used as industrial gas turbines due to their particular characteristics such as lightweight, relatively small dimensional size, high efficiency, and performance. These characteristics can shorten the design and manufacturing process. In the present work, ALF 502 aero gas turbine has been studied to convert its application to the derived industrial gas turbine. GasTurb software has been used to model this gas turbine for industrial applications. In this study, six different scenarios have been studied for converting aero engines to industrial engines, and results have been discussed. Finally, three scenarios were selected to be implemented on this engine among the studied scenarios. 


Main Subjects

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