An Innovation in Film Cooling of the Gas Turbine Blades Applying an Upstream Jet


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A new design concept is introduced to control the near-wall integration between the hot-gas boundary layer and the cooling jets in order to enhance the adiabatic film cooling effectiveness of the gas turbine blades. In this new approach, another film cooling port, having a very low blowing ratio, which prevents formation of the counter-rotating vortex pare, is applied just upstream of the main film cooling jet. The fluid injected from the small upstream port changes the flow pattern, resultsinwider horseshoe vortices in the span-wise direction, and generates a more uniform distribution of the coolant film. Also, this coolant fluid flows towards the low pressure region located just behind the main film-cooling hole. Therefore, by producing a cold layer of gas beneath the coolant jet and diverting the hot cross-flow gases into this area, it significantly improves the film cooling effectiveness, especially in the near field of the main jet. The obtained results show lower stream-wise velocity gradients near the wall, which considerably decreases the wall shear stresses, comparing to the regular film cooling holes.