Aerospace Science and Technology
Droplet Breakup Analysis inside Porous Media at Different Porosities, Using LBM

Mohammad Reza Salimi; Mohammad Taeibi Rahni; Abolfazl Amiri Hezaveh

Volume 15, Issue 2 , October 2022

  In present research, the interaction between single liquid droplet with particles inside a porous media is investigated numerically in two dimensions. The He’s model is used to simulate two phase flow and multiple relaxation time collision operator is implemented to increase numerical stability. ...  Read More

An Innovation in Film Cooling of the Gas Turbine Blades Applying an Upstream Jet

M.R. Salimi; M. Taeibi Rahni; Mahdi Ramezanizadeh

Volume 9, Issue 1 , March 2012

  A new design concept is introduced to control the near-wall integration between the hot-gas boundary layer and the cooling jets in order to enhance the adiabatic film cooling effectiveness of the gas turbine blades. In this new approach, another film cooling port, having a very low blowing ratio, which ...  Read More