Performance Modeling and Examination of Losses in the Axial -Flow Compressor and Comparisonwith Experimental Results



The performance prediction of axial flow compressors at different speeds and under various pressure ratio conditions are still being developed because of costly empirical experiments. One-dimensional modeling is a simple, fast and accurate method for performance prediction in any type of compressor with different geometries. In this approach, inlet flow conditions and compressor geometry are known and by considering various losses of the compressor, velocity triangles at rotor, stator inlets and outlets are determined and, then, compressor performance characteristics are predicted.

Numerous models have been developed theoretically and experimentally for estimating various types of compressor losses. In the present study, the performance characteristics of the axial-flow compressor are predicted based on a one-dimensional modeling approach. Models of Lieblein, Koch-Smith, Aungier, Hawell are implemented to consider the compressor losses. To validate the model, the modeling results are compared with experimental data. This model can be used for various types of axial-flow compressors with different geometries.